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Student welding

Juniors and seniors at any high school in the Green Bay Area Public School District are eligible to enroll in the program.
Interested applicants must complete an application and interview process. Students selected to participate in Bay Link Manufacturing® attend a block of time each day for an entire school year. Students who complete the course may graduate with college credits from NWTC as well as high school credits. 

Students enrolled in Bay Link Manufacturing® will be prepared to attend a 2- or 4-year college to pursue on-going education in the field of manufacturing and engineering, or may be prepared to enter the world of work in an entry-level position. 

Required Courses (Prerequisite for Bay Link):

Metals I

  • Hands-on course designed to have students in grades 9-12 learn the various metal machining, welding, and fabrication techniques. Students will be actively engaged in projects while being prepared for work in the metal manufacturing industry. Students will develop a basic understanding of machining, arc welding, metal fabrication, and finishing.

Metals II

  • Designed to have students in grades 9-12 further demonstrate the skills acquired in Metals 1. Students will complete projects while preparing for work in the metal manufacturing industry. Students will demonstrate an understanding of manual machining, CNC machining, arc welding, and cutting processes. 

Recommended Course:

  • Introduces students in grades 11-12 to the various welding, cutting, and fabricating processes related to different types of material (steel, aluminum, stainless steel). Topics covered include: safety, welding symbols, joint design, various welding positions, and testing/evaluating welds. Students will earn NWTC credit for successfully demonstrating knowledge, skills, process and understanding of surfacing welds in the flat and horizontal position, fillet, pipe to plate and groove welds on plain carbon steel.

Bay Link Manufacturing® course list:

Bay Link Manufacturing® is for students in grades 11-12, and designed as a high-end work-based learning program that will provide a strong academic foundation coupled with relevant, real-world work experience to expose students to careers in manufacturing. Students work at the school-based business to complete manufacturing-related jobs provided to us by local manufacturing companies. Students will use their skills and knowledge in the areas of machine fabrication, metal machining, blueprint reading and welding. Bay Link students can receive NWTC credit for taking the following courses while enrolled in the program.

CNC Milling and G-Code

Students will learn shop safety around CNC milling machines, CNC basics, Cartesian coordinate systems, CNC milling controls and preparing basic G-Code milling programs. 

G-Code and Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Students will learn basic programming with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, along with G- and M-code programming of computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling and turning machines. 

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